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About Us

Allow us to introduce ourselves…

We’re all over the place.

PK Construction Pvt Ltd is a national construction company specializing in general contracting, construction management, design-build, and self-performing interior trades services. What’s that all mean? Throughout our history, we’ve succeeded by providing a wide range of construction solutions to our clients and delivering a whole lot of quality work.

Family-owned, nationally known.

A band of friends. That’s who we’ve always been, ever since we cofounded our company, along with our father, some 13 years ago in Bangalore. In the mid ‘2012s, we dipped our toe into general contracting and construction management services. And it’s been full steam ahead ever since. We take pride in becoming the best construction firm in the Bangolare.

We’re confident that, given the opportunity, our construction team members will quickly impress you with their industry expertise and passion to get the job done.


Our Working Philosophy

We have open and candid communications with our clients, founded on mutual trust, honesty, and reliability. Our management team is awesome – customer-minded representatives who work hard to help your team succeed. Let us introduce you to our core values that set us apart.

Durable family.

Families share more than just a name. We’re cut from the same cloth. It’s in this chemistry that unbreakable bonds are formed…and we all shine together. Trust. Loyalty. A sense of belonging. Our durable family knows how to toast to success together or lend a hand when one of our own gets knocked down. We are all like siblings, born and raised to last.

Champions on the job.

Reliability is built equally on credibility AND responsiveness. Our customers can count on us because we know what we’re talking about AND we’re always there to urgently deliver on what we say we’re going to do. We are thorough communicators, which keeps everyone in the loop. True champions don’t take shortcuts. We don’t point fingers, either. We take personal ownership of our responsibilities. And, we are energized by the small victories along the way.

Working toward the next win.

Victory has a sweet taste, but a short expiration date. That’s why we are constantly hungry for our next opportunity. A new partnership. A chance to do more of what we love. Projects aren’t trophies meant to be observed. They are our resume…our body of work. Finishing great projects at or above client expectations ensures that we will be in demand in new markets. And remain in full control of our own destiny.

Short story About our Journey

25 years experience piko construction and complete 100 building, Let's see what offer the construction

PK Construction self-performs the interior and exterior construction package on any project.

Our metal stud framing and drywall contracting division is one of the largest interior contractors in the country. We have the capability to perform single-project interior trades packages ranging from Rs500,000 to over Rs50 Lakh with our large national labor force.

Our interiors trades division has been providing metal stud framing and drywall installation on a wide variety of commercial buildings since the company’s beginnings in 2012.

Our interiors and exterior contracting division's typical contract value averages Rs15 Lakh per project, and we consistently perform work throughout the Bangalore on: Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Multi-Family, Office, Retail, Specialty, Sports & Entertainment, Student and military housing